RE: Bronzie's 5Q Question Set for December 2021

Today, I discover the Bronzie's five questions and I found it is a good idea to reply in a first post here. So let's go.

Bronzie's 5Q Question Set for December 2021

6 weeks on a ventilator with COVID, followed by long-term 40% reduced fitness for 18 months but open freedom, or no disease but 2 more years of hard lockdown? Why?

I will choose the second one. With the first choose, we will have an overload on healthcare system like we already had in the last two year (and we don't have open freedom).

US to engage China over a Taiwan invasion, or US to engage Russia over an Ukraine invasion.

I will choose the Russia one. Unless I miss recent news about Taiwan, Russia had already done a real invasion in Ukraine with Crimea.

Trump as US President again for 1 term, or Mike Pence for 2 terms

Difficult to choose here, since I'm not an US citizen. Like we said in my country, plague or cholera. For me, I will choose Trump, Pence seems more dangerous since he is a real politician.

A year of Saturday dinners at your country's best restaurants, or a 3-day weekend of mind-blowingly fantasitic sex with your biggest crush.

I will choose the second one. I like food, but I'm not a big fan, I will be fed up if it is during one year. With the second choose, it is only 3 days in the worst case.

Work 3 8-hour days a week, retire at 50 but die at 70, or work 6 8-hour days a week, retire at 70, but live to 85

Hard to choose, but I will go on the first one. I am for stopping to put work in the central place of your lives. I am for alternative activities in lives like voluntary help or housewife/house-husband, and I am for implementing universal incomes. I'm not sure that the right translation, it is like basic incomes for all people, and if you want more you can work.

Otherwise, I hope you will like my answers and my English are correct.