RE: Bronzie's 5Q Question Set for January 2022

Since I like this idea last month, I decide to try to reply this month again. Maybe I should post another things here...

Bronzie's 5Q Question Set for January 2022

What year will mankind next set (human) foot on the moon, and who (nation state, corporate entity, etc) will it be?

I hesitate for this one. NASA says that Artemis III should be on 2025, but I am not sure if there will be ready on time.

For me, it will be a new moon race between the USA (and parters) and China, and we should see men and women on moon in the second part of this decade, but I don't can say who will be the first.

Stephenson's "Diamond Age" or Doctorow's "Walkaway"?

Hum... Let open DuckDuckGo to see that... Science Fiction books, I will add samples on my Kindle.

Will artificial general intelligence be achieved, and if so, when is that likely to be? What will it change about our lives?

Artificial general intelligence ? I don't think so, not in the current or the next decade. Anyway, if we stop to use "Artificial intelligence" term for anything, we do a big step. I think we use this term to nominate in a fancy way a lot of algorithms.

(When/ will) the COVID-19 pandemic be declared over - ie "endemic", seasonal and no longer an emergency situation?

Hum, good question... For me, get the vaccine is a big part of the solution, but I am not sure if it is the solution with the variants issue...

What does the year 2072 look like in your mind's eye?

According to my calculations, I will be 87 years old so, it is possible that I will be dead... Anyway, What does the year 2072 look like, hum... I don't know. Maybe, it will look like today with better technologies. Potentially, the human start to conquer solar system. Potentially, it will be the end of the human on Earth. I don't know.