How I try to remove Google from my personal life

Since September, I try to remove Google from my personal life. I do that because I think like a lot of us that Google is not the right place to put personal data and don’t want any more that Google use it for this own purpose and to profile me. There is the detail how I do that:

Google search

Already done, I use DuckDuckGo since a few years and I almost never came back to Google search.


I move to ProtonMail + with a custom domain name. I almost change the associate mail address of my accounts. Remain accounts I don’t use often or have issues to change associate mail. I have some issues (like I still have mail notifications on my old mail while I had changed the associate mail address, for example). Also, some websites don’t like my custom domain name.

Google Drive

I start to use Nextcloud, copy some documents from Google Drive, save photos from my phone. I pay for a Nextcloud account on a German hosting. I have to start to delete file from Google Drive, now I had to copy files from it to my Nextcloud account. Not only that, but I replace the scan functionality that I use on my phone by Microsoft Lens.

Google Docs/Sheets

I use Nextcloud with OnlyOffice.

Google Contact

I move my Google Contact to Nextcloud and I install DAVx5 app on my phone and Simple Contacts to replace Google Contact app.

Google Calendar

I try to use Nextcloud as calendar instead of Google Calendar, with DAVx5 and Simple Calendar Pro.


I don’t see any replacement for YouTube at the moment, but maybe, I should take less time on it. 😬

Google Pay

Since I don’t have an iPhone or a Samsung phone, and I don’t have a local alternative in my country. Perhaps, I should stop use Google Pay and come back to physical NFC usage (with local limitations on NCF physical card).

Hangouts/Google Chat

For the moment, I still have only one contact on Google Chat, but perhaps I will move to another app (probably WhatsApp, I don’t think I could convince to move to Signal). Otherwise, I use the default SMS app on my phone that is Google Messages, perhaps I have to move to Signal for that.

Google Maps

OpenStreetMap should have good map (and in some case better map), but Google Maps have more than just map and work better. I have Organic Maps app on my phone, belong Google Maps and I use depending on the needs and the situation.

Android (with Google services)

I don't think an Android phone without Google services is the best solution for me. I'm too old to take time to fiddle with my phone, and I think I will be frustrated if I have a limited experience. Perhaps, I have to see alternatives to Android with Google services next year or later when I will be the moment to replace my current phone.

Google Gboard

I installed OpenBoard and FlorisBoard and try it, but for the moment, I am still use Google Gboard.

Phone by Google (like said Google Play Store)

Last but not least, on my phone, I have Phone by Google by default. It seems useful for detecting some spam call, but I could replace this part. Otherwise, I have any idea how I can replace it (without use trick things like rooting my phone) and if I can replace it. 🤔

For the moment, I think I am on the right way to almost remove Google from my personal life, but I will keep it for some usage. If you have some comments or suggestions, you can send me a mail.

Alternative tools and websites I use
Simple Contacts & Simple Calendar Pro